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About Palma Group S.A.

Palma Group S.A manages a network of companies in Switzerland and Ukraine, proposing an exclusive range of brands and products of its commercial partners, as well as developing a number of its own.

Palma Group Companies are providers of trading, logistics and distribution services in the domains of pre-wholesale/wholesale in the chemical, ingredients, health and FMCG markets of Ukraine, that also offer integrated logistic IT solutions.


Our history began in 1994, with the establishment of Palma Group SA in Fribourg. Starting with a small enterprise that, in twenty eight years, grew into a network of companies active across Switzerland and Eastern Europe, presently providing employment to over a thousand staff members. Devout commitment to creating new opportunities and value for our clients is an intrinsic part of our corporate history.

Our Self-perception

At Palma Group SA, we see ourselves as a dynamic enterprise that is reliable and attractive. We build trust through credibility and competence. Inspired by our founders and guided by our values, we are working with our partners to contribute to a bright future.

Palma Group S.A Corporate Strategies

Palma Group S.A develops, manufactures and launches new and innovative brands, services and products on the world market.

We tend to ensure the high quality of our products and support the high professional standard of our services.

Our Brands and Products

Guarders® is an integrated diagnostic technology designed for monitoring babies' health through urinalysis.

  • Guarders® is designed to detect early stage pathology
  • Guarders® is developed to facilitate primary diagnosis
  • Guarders® can be used to monitor ongoing treatment
  • Guarders® is designed for parents and healthcare professionals (paediatricians, general practitioners, paediatric nurses, nursery staff, etc.)

The Companies of Palma Group


The Medpharcom Centre is the importer and wholesaler in the field of healthcare in Ukraine. The company delivers and supplies hospitals with medications and laboratory items.

For many years, Medpharcom was in the top hundred companies in Ukraine, receiving the national "Panacea" award for "Best Distribution Service" and "Most Effective Promotion and Marketing Strategy".

  • Work on the whole territory of Ukraine
  • The number of outlets covered - more than 4,000
  • Warehouse space in operational management - 3,320 square meters

Palmira provides storage, logistics and ingredient distribution services for the chemical and food industry (confectionery, dairies, creameries) and for the non-food industry (petrochemical, fertilizing, fuel).

The company is involved in the distribution of food and pharmaceutical ingredients, livestock feed additives, raw materials for the production of paints and varnishes, as well as chemicals for construction and cosmetology products on the territory of Ukraine and neighboring countries.

The customers of DC Palmira are companies working in confectionery and dairy industries, butter factories, the bakery industry, the construction industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and other industrial branches.

DC Palmira, independently or in cooperation with other companies of the Palma group, participates in projects to develop oil production and refining, improve the quality of motor fuels and develop the widest range of biofuels.

  • Food ingredients
  • Building and special chemistry
  • Solutions for poultry and livestock
  • Export companies


SD “ILS” is the exclusive logistic agent of the DAMCO Company in Ukraine. Among its primary clients are KERNEL, DOW Chemical Company, Carisberg, IDS Group, Watsons Ukraine, Pioneer and other renowned multinational companies.

  • Type A and B warehouse complexes in major cities of Ukraine
  • Total area of warehouses more than 40,000 square meters. m) In the activity season - up to 50,000m²
  • Pallet container over 55,000 seats
  • The services are certified according to ISO 9001

Project management

SD Megarans is responsible for the development and management of internal and external projects, for the establishment and management of commercial buildings and the management of the real estate property of the Palma Group Companies. The customer-leaders of the Company are Maersk Logistics and “Novaya Liniya” (New Line) National Network of Hardware Supermarkets.

Our Contact Details

You can get in touch with us by email: office@palma-group.com, or by mail at: Palma Group S.A., Boulevard de Pérolles 7, 1700 Fribourg. Our Swiss centre can equally be reached by phone: +41 26 422 47 90 We will do our best to respond as soon as possible. Please note that weekends and holidays may affect our response time.

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